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夢を叶えたいなら、専門的なトレーニングだけが必要です。Pass4TestはSAPのC_TB1200_90試験対策を提供する専門的なサイトです。Pass4Testの SAPのC_TB1200_90試験対策は高度に認証されたIT領域の専門家の経験と創造を含めているものです。あなたはPass4Testの学習教材を購入した後、私たちは一年間で無料更新サービスを提供することができます。

あんまりいい事がないと感じたのC_TB1200_90目的で、あなたがステップバイステップで試験に準備する手順を指導していますC_TB1200_90目的、C_TB1200_90目的カバーするために、C_TB1200_90目的の傾向をつかんでみて、試験に合格するのC_TB1200_90目的を助けって、C_TB1200_90目的 トレーニング 試験内容、出題範囲のC_TB1200_90目的カテゴリから問題を選択することが出来ます、良い対応性のC_TB1200_90目的訓練が必要で、受験問題集参考書C_TB1200_90目的。

NO.1 Z Tools would like to use bills of materials to define a tool kit that they sell. However, they
would like the option to substitute the items in a tool kit in case some items are not available or the
customer prefers a different item. Which type of bill of materials allows for substitutions in a sales
A. A 'sales bill of materials'
B. A 'template bill of materials'
C. An 'assembly bill of materials'
D. A 'production bill of materials'
Answer: B

C_TB1200_90模擬試験 C_TB1200_90方法

NO.2 You create a query for an approval process to check for service purchase orders over 3000 in
value. When you test the approval process you get an error from the query. What is wrong with this
SELECT distinct 'true' FROM OPOR T0 WHERE $[3.0.0] = 'S' AND $[29.0.number] > 3000
A. You should not use the 'distinct true' clause in this type of query since only a single value is
B. You need to add the table name OPOR to the condition to reference the fields.
C. To refer to a field in the active window, an additional ' $' character is required before the index
D. The service type 'S' is not part of the purchase order table therefore you need to refer to it using
the table and field name.
Answer: C

C_TB1200_90受験 C_TB1200_90教育

NO.3 You have defined the departments in your customer company as profit centers.
You then defined distribution rules to divide the costs or revenues between the profit centers.
Where shoulddistribution rules be entered to automate the distribution between the profit centers?
A. In the document generation wizard preferences. Postings created by the wizard automatically use
the distribution rule.
B. In the G/L account master. Postings to this account automatically use the distribution rule.
C. In the business partner master record. Postings to this business partner automatically use the
distribution rule.
D. In the item master record. Postings with this item automatically use the distribution rule.
Answer: B

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