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PDDM 日本語 - PDDM キャリアパス - 多くの時間とお金がいらなくて20時間だけあって楽に一回にDMIのPDDM 日本語を合格できます & PDDM 日本語の準備をするために - あなたはまだ何を待っているのPDDM 日本語ですか - PDDM 日本語君が無料でダウンロードすることができます、PDDM 日本語迷わなくなります - 我々は低い価格と高品質のPDDM 日本語模擬問題で受験生の皆様に捧げています - 満足DMI認証受験生のPDDM 日本語需要に満たすの書籍がほかのサイトにも見えますが & PDDM 日本語心配しないでください、PDDM 日本語あなたは一生で利益を受けることができます - PDDM 日本語試験を申し込んで受験する人が多くいます、PDDM 日本語はまた一年間に無料なサービスを更新いたします & PDDM 日本語 の問題集をお勧めます

PDDM 専門知識に合格したいのは簡単ではなく、いい復習方法は必要です。我々はあなたに詳しい問題と答えがあるPDDM 専門知識を提供します。この問題集は我々の経験がある専門家たちによって開発されています。我々のすばらしいPDDM 専門知識はお客様の試験への成功を確保することができます。



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The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master (PDDM), like Mary and the women of the Gospel, are sent as apostles to proclaim, celebrate and serve Jesus the Divine Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life Him through the ministries flowing from the EUCHARIST, the PRIESTHOOD and the LITURGY.

To live evermore profoundly the Eucharist as the mystery of Christ is our way of being alive and active in the heart of the Church. We dedicate ourselves to continual praise and take on the ministry of intercession for the proclamation of the Gospel through the communications network and for the needs of all. We become the voice of humanity before the Lord present in the Eucharist: bringing life’s realities to prayer and interceding that humanity may welcome, listen to and love Jesus Master and Savior.

Our Eucharistic experience is then transformed into concrete testimony of life in an austere and dignified service responsive to the needs and exigencies of the local Churches. This impels us to help and contribute in the pastoral development of the Church: promoting priestly vocations and collaborating in their formation; assisting and accompanying the priests in the exercise of their ministry, in their difficult moments and in their old age.

Living and active members of the Church, we work to help people nourish their relationship with the Lord. We creatively place at the service of the Liturgy, the richness of various artistic expressions: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, embroidery and other handicrafts in order that prayer may be characterized by beauty and dignity. We render services in terms of liturgical catechesis and formation, biblical-liturgical animations, always in view of drawing people closer to the Lord.

In the local Church of the Philippines, our various initiatives aim to contribute to the ongoing liturgical formation and renewal of the worshipping community.

Blessed James Alberione, our Founder, exhorts us to… “Live and give Jesus the Truth, the Way and the Life to the world!”